You can provide your own CLI commands for plone.server through a simple interface.

Available commands

  • pserver: run the http rest api server
  • pmigrate: run available migration steps
  • pcli: command line utility to run manually RUN API requests with
  • pshell: drop into a shell with root object to manually work with
  • pcreate: use cookiecutter to generate plone.server applications

Creating commands

plone.server provides a simple API to write your own CLI commands.

Here is a minimalistic example:

from plone.server.commands import Command
class MyCommand(Command):

    def get_parser(self):
        parser = super(MyCommand, self).get_parser()
        # add command arguments here...
        return parser

    def run(self, arguments, settings, app):

Then, in your file, include an entry point like this for your command:

      'console_scripts': [
            'mycommand = my.package.commands:MyCommand'