Applications are used to provide additional functionality to plone.server.

Community Addons

Some useful addons to use in your own development:


An application is a python package that implements an entry point to tell plone.server to load it.

If you’re not familiar with how to build python applications, please read documentation on building packages before you continue on.

In your file, include an entry point like this for your application:

      'plone.server': [
          'include = pserver.myaddon',

In this example, pserver.myaddon is your package module.


Creating the plone.server entry point only tells plone.server that your application is available to be used. Your config.json file will also need to provide the application name in the applications array for it to be initialized.

  "applications": ["pserver.elasticsearch"]


Once you create a plone.server application, there are three primary ways for it to hook into plone.server.

Call includeme function

Your application can provide an includeme function at the root of the module and plone.server will call it with the instance of the root object.

def includeme(root):
  # do initialization here...

Load app_settings

If an app_settings dict is provided at the module root, it will automatically merge the global plone.server app_settings with the module’s. This allows you to provide custom configuration.


If you’re application is activated and has a configure.zcml file in it, it will automatically be loaded.